Diesel engines are typically designed for more rigorous use. That is why the services needed for maintenance and repair of these engines requires a large degree of knowledge & skill. Perkins Diesel Service has been in operation since the late 1940’s & has experience working on many different brands of diesel engines. Our specialty is in diesel fuel injection systems. Services include:


We provide diesel fuel injection system services on the following brands:

  • • Ford (diesel engines only)
  • • Dodge (diesel engines only)
  • • GM (diesel engines only)
  • • Perkins
  • • John Deere
  • • Cummins
  • • Mercedes


Perkins Diesel Service can help you save time and money by diagnosing common fuel injection problems:

  • • Stalling
  • • No-start
  • • Black smoke
  • • Skipping/Rough Idle
  • • Fuel in your Engine oil