Diesel Fuel Additives

We offer Stanadyne Performance Formula Diesel Fuel Additive because Stanadyne designs and builds diesel fuel injection components & knows a few things about how to “treat” a diesel engine. We also understand that the extent of diesel engine usage makes even the slightest measurable improvement in performance has a potentially massive impact on the industry…and consequently the environment.

Stanadyne Performance Formula is the only diesel additive that addresses virtually any diesel fuel-related problem with one product, and is the only one that is:

  • • Made by a fuel injection equipment manufacturer.
  • • Approved by several OEMs.
  • • Proven to perform best in independent testing
  • • The premium, all-season, all purpose diesel fuel additive, designed to tackle virtually any diesel fuel related problem.
  • • Approved by many OEMs including GM, Ford, Deere & Navistar.
  • • Meets Cummins L10 Superior Test for cleanliness.